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I wanted to make sure the kids could have a good Christmas so I contacted my union (the Sheriffs Employees Benefit Association), said Riberich, while Santa Maria and her children shopped. The union listened to my story and were able to pull together the $1,000 shopping spree here at Target. Riberich said SEBA, which has a long-standing tradition of taking children on $200 shopping sprees through its Shop with a Cop program, decided to go above and beyond with $1,000. As Santa Maria pushed her cart down one of the many toy aisles, Austin carefully selected a variety of miniature vehicles such as a truck, race car and tractor. Maybe I should get a police car, said an excited Austin as Target employees assisted the family with multiple carts. I like this toy. I saw it on TV. Holding a Starbucks drink, Austins sister carefully browsed through the movie, shoe and clothes aisle while she smiled and said, I cant believe this is happening. At the end of the shopping spree, SEBA surprised Santa Maria with an additional $500 gift card for her to use to buy presents for her children. I didnt realize how much our situation impacted the deputy, but Im glad that somebody did care, said Santa Maria, whose family has relocated to Hesperia. We felt so alone, but it brought joy to our family that he cared. Santa Maria said Riberichs actions prove that many in the Sheriffs department do care about humanity and that they do care and try to do the best that they can. Riberichs generosity prompted SEBA to launch the Everyday Heroes campaign as a resource for its members who want to help needy victims, said SEBA spokeswoman Lolita Harper. Through the new campaign, thousands of dollars will be set aside throughout 2017 to be made available for SEBA members who want to give back to the community. We raise more than $200,000 annually on our SEBA 'Shop with a Cop' program but as wonderful as it is, it is limited to the month of December, said Sheriffs Detective Laren Leichliter, who is also the president of SEBA.

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