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Both these incidents demonstrate how the woes facing brick and mortar retailers go far beyond price competition from online shopping. The bookstore I visited had missed its advantage of instant gratification . The department store lost its advantage of convenience and the human touch . An impersonal trip to the post office to mail a return was better by comparison. My shopping experience underscores three primary factors that underlie the plight of current brick and mortar retailers: retreat from core competence, failure to view online counterparts through a complementary lens, and loss of focus on customer experience. Unfortunately, the results of these missteps are apparent. Distressed retailers are closing stores at a record pace. According to the Wall Street Journal , more than 2,800 retail locations have closed just this year, including hundreds of locations being shut down by national chains such as Payless ShoeSource and RadioShack. The outlook for major department stores is grim.

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Nokia 3310: Iconic phone launches today... with online stores already sold out here's where you can get your hands on one

Nokia 3310: Iconic phone launches today... with online stores already sold out here's where you can get your hands on one Oliver Gill is a City A.M. reporter, you can contact him on oliver.gill@cityam.com Comedian Dom Joly has been drafted in to help publicise today's launch of the 3310 In an age where you can do most things on your mobile phone, a blast from the past hits Britain's high streets today. The eagerly awaited relaunch of the Nokia 3310 starts today. It is being exclusively sold at Carphone Warehouse's Oxford Street store. And who else could they draft in to help publicise its revamp but one of celebrities that made the phone famous, Dom Joly. The phone was first revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February . The latest version of the noughties stalwart has been made by Finnish firm HMD. The 3310, priced at £49.99, has many of the elements that made it such a firm favourite: a simple alphanumeric keyboard, sturdy case and, perhaps most importantly, computer game Snake.

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