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I have always had an affinity for vintage clothing; I've collected it for years. I wear my jeans and little ripped T-shirts from time to time. I've got a collection of T-shirts I've picked up along the way. As I've got older, my style has got a lot more relaxed. Having kids as well makes it necessary.  How has your career in modeling influenced your personal style over the years? A lot, actually! It's been a pleasure to be around these brilliant designers, and it's given me an education, from Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen when he was alive, to Anna Sui, to Valentino, those guys have really influenced my style because they bring the fantasy. When I was younger, Anna Sui and I would go to the Chelsea Flea Market when it was open and we would go vintage shopping. She would teach me about textiles and designers from the '60s and '70s that she'd think I would be into. Fashion has very much influenced my style.

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