Some Updated Guidelines For Finding Key Issues In Buddhist Temples

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Ben was born with a condition known as fibular hemimelia - giving him a foot with only three toes and a leg that วัดโบสถ์ พิดโลก failed to develop. It left him struggling to walk and frequently in pain. Ben was fitted with an artificial leg after his amputation - which he says was fine for walking around school, but which did not match his sporting ambitions. Frustratingly for a boy already keen on sport in primary school, he could not keep up with his friends. However, his prosthetist Clare Johnson recommended him to become one of the first children to be fitted with a false leg designed specifically for sport by the NHS - and now his sights are set on competing at a future Paralympics. Ben, now 13, says: "It has turned out really well. All my PE teachers like it that I've got a prosthetic leg and that I'm still doing sport. They say I have a lot of grit and zest!" He was fitted with his new blade just before Christmas and switches between that and his other prosthetic leg depending on what he is doing. Image caption Ben says his blade means he can now compete on the sportsfield "Ben has been empowered by his blade," says Clare.